About Us

Our own factory, Jiaxing RXP Co., Ltd, was founded in 1982. We have 36 Years of history focusing on the special casters and wheels industry.
RXP is a world wide leader in the manufacturing of excellent quality casters and wheels using the high technology accumulated over the past 36 years.
Our long experience qualifies us for your challenging applications.
We take pride in our products of the best quality and great service already proveN in THE market olace.

  • In 1982, Jiaxing RXP Co., Ltd was established in Jiaxing, China.
  • In 1996, Started to sell our plastic products to South East AsiaN Countries.
  • In 2005, Entered into United States(USA) market with shopping cart wheels, as well as others.
  • In 2012, Started to export our products to THE European market.
  • In 2018, Launched our sales base, "SY AMERICA", in Los Angeles, CA, USA.